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Head Instructor

Kru Miguel Rivera

Kru Miguel Rivera began his journey in the martial arts at the age of 16 in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.  He also trained in Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but it was in the art of Muay Thai that he found his passion. Kru Miguel has trained with greats such as Master Bakary, Kru Nestor Marte and the legendary Kru Phil Nurse, but it was through Brooklyn's Maisonet Brothers that Kru Rivera learned the history and culture of the sport. Kru Miguel is a certified instructor under the United States Muay Thai Association. In addition to being a trainer, he is a certified Referee, Judge, and Reporter for Muay Thaimes magazine. 
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Asst Coach Jeremiah Ramos
Head Coach Kru Miguel Rivera
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Asst. Coach Konrad Stepniak
Jr. Coach Sherzod "Coffee" Ismatov
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