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Lina Tsin

Coach Miguel is dedicated to the art of Muay Thai and his students. Training with Next generation Muay Thai helped me develop strength, will power, build endurance and develop fighting skills. Coach Miguel made very training session fun while pushing my limits to help me get to the next level of my better self. 

Martia Nell

Coach Miguel has to be the best trainer I've ever worked with. His patience, flexibility and guidance are a rarity. He makes and effort to really get to know you, and is as invested in your goals as you are. I began working with Coach Miguel when I was at my lowest in regards to self confidence, and in the process he helped me not give up on believeing I could change. He held me accountable but met me where I was and worked with me to get to my goal. Miguel is one of the main reasons I was able to complete the New York City Marathon. He's amazing and the best investment you can make.

Konrad Stepniak

Miguel is a very good coach. He knows how to workout with kids and adults. He is good a friend as a coach. I've had a lot of coaches but Miguel is the best. Even when you don't have energy or hurt he motivates you and you forget about both and you keep pushing forward. He always pays attention to his students and really cares about them. If you want to learn about Martial Arts or just workout your body, you should work with Miguel, you'll see progress and have a great time!

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Art Suhakou 

I've been training with Miguel for about a year. He is a great coach with years of experience. Always friendly and supporting regardless of your training level. Whether you want to drill the basics, learn new material, or stay in shape, he has a program to support your goals. 


Ed Rodriguez

I have been coming to Mr. Rivers for various years and will say that he has been incredibly patient. My kicks were terrible and other teachers seemed very impatient. With Mr. Rivers, in time, we finally nailed them. I feel good about myself and my body has transformed without using any weights! My first session felt like a million years. I can assure anyone, they are getting more than their moneys worth. It has been more than just a lesson. It has been about a good relationship. He is my go to and I won't be seeing anyone else.

Burell Azy.jpg

Barrel Azy

I learned the fundamentals of Muay Thai from Coach Miguel. Coach Miguel has brought me and my Muay Thai brothers to victory many times both inside and out of the ring. Muay Thai is also a great way stay in shape, learn how to defend yourself and protect others.  It’s like a small family full of support and love so don’t be shy come join us😁👍🏽

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